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The 3 Components of Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows play a vital role in your home’s overall energy efficiency. Aging windows lead to higher heating and cooling costs. Gas and glass play important roles in making windows energy-efficient. Together they block harmful ultraviolet sun rays and heat transfer. Read on as Kroll Construction, a trusted local roofing company, further discusses the factors that make windows energy-efficient.

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3 Things That Lead to Gutter Corrosion

Corrosion is problematic because not only does it impede gutter function but it can also be unsightly, taking away from your home’s curb appeal. With your home’s form and function affected, you should be more mindful of gutter corrosion, starting with gaining an understanding of what causes it with some help from one of the most trusted roofing companies around, 

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Preparing Your Home for Fall: A Maintenance Checklist

You already know that you have to do maintenance tasks regularly to keep your home in top shape at all times. But what do you have to do exactly? Given the challenges of the season, there are certain maintenance tasks particularly suited for fall. Let this maintenance checklist from home improvement and roofing pros Kroll Construction help you get started.

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3 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Might Have

You probably already know that window maintenance is important. As with other parts of the home, like your roofing, windows require routine care to perform their best, lasting long to ensure you make the most of their rated service life. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re already doing some level of maintenance on your windows. However, if you’re 

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How to Prepare Your Window Replacement Budget

Budget preparation is considered as the hardest part of a window replacement project. Mistakes can result in overspending on the project, or making compromises and not getting the windows that you really want. Window and roofing company Kroll Construction shares a quick guide on how to prepare your window replacement budget. Research the Average Price The reason why window replacement 

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The Common Cause of Double-Pane Window Discoloration

Most homeowners prefer double-pane windows over a wood window replacement due to their durability and energy efficiency. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean double-pane windows are immune to damage. There are many indicators that your home’s double-pane windows are damaged and one of these indicators happens to be discoloration. While discoloration is easy to spot, some homeowners can still be confused 

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