The 3 Components of Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows play a vital role in your home’s overall energy efficiency. Aging windows lead to higher heating and cooling costs. Gas and glass play important roles in making windows energy-efficient. Together they block harmful ultraviolet sun rays and heat transfer. Read on as Kroll Construction, a trusted local roofing company, further discusses the factors that make windows energy-efficient.

The 3 Components of Energy-Efficient Windows

Plain Glass

Nowadays, it’s quite unthinkable for windows or doors to have plain glass. It doesn’t block UV rays coming into the home, which causes carpets and furnishings to fade. Plus, heat enters freely into your home making your HVAC work harder just to keep the home comfortable.


For better energy efficiency specify an IGU (insulated glass unit). Two pieces of annealed glass are pressed together with a thermal spacer. They are then filled with argon or krypton gas. These odorless, non-toxic gases are denser than air. They prevent damaging UV rays and extreme temperatures from entering the home. Likewise, the IGU prevents the climate-controlled air inside from escaping. Premier roofing contractors like Kroll Construction supply these units.

Glazing and Low E Glass

For very high energy-efficient windows, consider glazing and gas options. Low E glass will maximize the energy efficiency of your windows. Tinted and clear glazing help prevent the transfer of heat, cold, and sunlight into the home. That’s one reason Low-E coatings are so popular.


ENERGY STAR is a government-supported program that defines an energy-efficient window. It measures the glass, the gas, the spacer and the reinforcement of the window. The combination of these factors influences the window’s U-value and solar heat gain. To qualify as an ENERGY STAR product, both ratings must be less than or equal to those of ENERGY STAR.

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