Rusty Gutters: Is There a Way to Repair Them?

An efficient gutter system keeps your home protected against water damage. It diverts rainwater from your property, saving you from costly issues such as basement flooding, roof damage, soil erosion and foundation problems. Like other parts of your house, gutters also need proper maintenance to perform well and last long. Rust is a common gutter issue you should know about. 

Rusty Gutters

In this article, Kroll Construction discusses various ways you can address rusty gutters.

Fixing Minor Rust

Any repair or maintenance job should begin with cleaning the area. Remove all debris and ensure your gutters are properly washed, then completely dried.

Minor rust damage can be scrubbed away with a wire brush, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Scrunched up and dampened aluminum foil is another rust removal solution that you can try. But to ensure a thorough job, hire a professional to do the task.

After removing the rust spots, coat the affected area with a metal primer. This should stop, or at least delay, further rusting.

Fixing Severely Rusted Gutters

If you’ve left rusted gutters unchecked for a while, you may find a hole has eaten through the material. This is called rust corrosion, which is a more serious problem that must be addressed promptly.

You can clean and dry the hole, then use roofing cement or liquid rubber around its rusted edges. Afterward, apply a piece of metal flashing and hold it firmly in place until the cement dries completely. 

Expert Solutions 

If large sections of your gutter system are rusted due to age or neglect, you should consider installing new gutters. Widespread corrosion is best addressed with a comprehensive solution that will give you long-lasting results. 

If you need help dealing with rusted gutters, Kroll Construction is ready to provide you with quality services. To request a consultation or an estimate, call us at (888) 338-6340 or complete our contact form.

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