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A Hotter Michigan by 2041: Ready Your Windows Today

Michigan is beginning to feel the effects of climate change. Temperature in the Midwest has dramatically increased and the Wolverine State is not exempted. According to a study released by the government recently, majority of the state will experience five to 15 more 95-degree days each year by 2041.

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Wood windows succumb to tornadoes effects immediately

Tornadoes are no doubt one of the most deadly and chaotic natural disasters in history. Defined simply as a violently rotating column of cloud, with its usual wind speed which is about less than 110 miles per hour and can attain more than 300 miles per hour; it can wreak havoc on anything it comes close to. Houses with weak 

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Outdated homes are more susceptible to fire damage

Fires are indeed terrible tragedies; it’s even worse when it happens to places where less capable people reside like children or the elderly. Old structures like an orphanage or an adult foster care home can quickly catch fire due to the materials that were used to build them that become worn over time. Places like these should always have each 

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Top 3 Essential Things to Inspect After Fire Damage

We never know when disaster might happen and we can’t always avoid it when it happens. But one thing we should always know is how to handle it when it happens. A house fire is something nobody can easily get past to, but has to be done because it affects something that everybody primarily needs which is a home. You 

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How Secure Are Your Windows Against Home Invasion?

The city of Detroit has always had problems controlling numerous criminal activities all over the metro. Forbes magazine even named Detroit the most dangerous city in 2012. Even if crime rates have dipped these past couple of years, the truth of the matter is, officials are still perplexed on how they can keep the citizens safe.    

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Get ready for the summer heat; prep your A/C and home insulation

It’s finally summer and with this season comes the sweltering heat. As Detroit summers are typically humid and hot with temperatures exceeding 90 °F (32 °C), your air conditioning unit at home will be getting its workout this season, for sure. Keeping your home cool and comfy during hot days depends on how your A/C’s going to perform; and to avoid any 

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Why Window Replacement Contractors Prefer Vinyl

Climate conditions in Michigan are not ideal for traditional wood window frames. The state is known for excessively humid and rainy springs, and lingering moisture is wood’s number one enemy. Once a part of your window succumbs to wood rot, you will have no choice but to replace the entire frame. Failure to do so will just cause more headaches 

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Why You Need a Roof Inspection After a Hailstorm

The weather is at it again, with West Michigan residents getting the worst of a hailstorm that passed through the area last April 29. Imagine having rocks of all sizes thrown at your roof continuously for a good fifteen minutes. That’s enough to damage homes and vehicles and even cause injuries.

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