Why Window Replacement Contractors Prefer Vinyl

Climate conditions in Michigan are not ideal for traditional wood window frames. The state is known for excessively humid and rainy springs, and lingering moisture is wood’s number one enemy. Once a part of your window succumbs to wood rot, you will have no choice but to replace the entire frame. Failure to do so will just cause more headaches down the road.

What’s more, excess moisture creates an environment conducive to mold infestations, which further accelerates the deterioration of wood fibers. This can be a particular problem for local homeowners this week, as the combination of warm weather and precipitation can put mold growth into overdrive.

Below is a recent weather report published on MLive:

The atmosphere is bound to become a little soupy into the next few days across West Michigan, which can only mean a few things: Warmer weather and bouts of storms.

It’s possible the warm, humid weather could come together just perfectly to touch off a few rounds of thunderstorms, Jeruzal said. Some of those could be strong to severe, including the possibility for damaging winds and large hail.

Don’t wait for your wood windows to start rotting and risk further damage in your home. Call Kroll Construction, a company that specializes in wood window replacement in Detroit Michigan. They offer beautifully crafted, durable, weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional wood windows and help you get lasting value for your money.

Kroll Construction installs vinyl frames which are far more durable and easier to maintain than wood window frames. The windows they use are fitted with advanced Low-E glass that limits UV and helps you cut down on heating and cooling costs all year round. Schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate with Knoll Construction for your Detroit MI wood window replacement. Visit www.krollwindow.com to learn more today.

(Article Excerpt from Eye to the sky: Summertime temperatures, thunderstorms set to return across West Michigan, mlive.com)


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