Top 3 Essential Things to Inspect After Fire Damage

We never know when disaster might happen and we can’t always avoid it when it happens. But one thing we should always know is how to handle it when it happens. A house fire is something nobody can easily get past to, but has to be done because it affects something that everybody primarily needs which is a home. You need to carefully budget your finances and start fixing the most essential things first, so here are the top 3 important parts of your house that you need to inspect first:

Top 3 Things to Inspect After a Fire

  1. Roof. When fire damage occurs, always check your roofing system because there is a big possibility that the fire has compromised its whole structure. Plus, there is a chance that molds have begun to infest it due to the water used in putting out the fire. Also, check for water stains.
  1. Electrical wirings. Be sure to turn the main power off before checking it thoroughly or it might cause another disaster. When these get damaged, it can make any fire much worse and having faulty wirings can be very inconvenient to the occupants.

Since wirings are connected, it can affect others like what was reported on

A tenant said he repaired his moped in his room and was later smoking in the unit.

The fire was extinguished and did not extend beyond that area. However, smoke and water affected surrounding units.

Flames damaged electrical wires serving the building, and its 11 rooms were uninhabitable for the night.

  1. Windows. Usually after a fire, window frames get melted or blistered and glass gets cracked which means that they are compromised and render them useless.

For a place like Michigan where its weather can go from opposite extremes, windows should be attended to immediately. Extreme temperature can cause glass windows to collapse and may cause injury to residents. For great replacement windows in Michigan, call Kroll Construction and have them inspect the damage.

They have a flexible financing option through Well Fargo that allows the client to pay on monthly basis that fits the budget. They offer different window materials, installed by licensed and fully insured workers not to mention certified by manufacturers so whenever your windows suffer from any kind of damage, don’t waste your time looking for other window companies in Michigan and settle for the best which is Kroll Construction.

(ArticleExcerpt from Fire damages hotel after man fixing moped in room ignites gasoline spilled on carpet, MLIVE, May 25, 2014)


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