A Hotter Michigan by 2041: Ready Your Windows Today

Michigan is beginning to feel the effects of climate change. Temperature in the Midwest has dramatically increased and the Wolverine State is not exempted. According to a study released by the government recently, majority of the state will experience five to 15 more 95-degree days each year by 2041.

It does not only directly affect people and their activities but also the water level of the Great Lakes too. MLive.com discussed the risks of the phenomenon:

A climate change report several years in the making was accepted and released today by the government and a large body of scientists. The report illustrates how our U.S. climate is changing, and it breaks down the changes by region of the country. According to the study, Michigan and the Great Lakes will be impacted by climate change in the form of warming and more extreme weather.

Michigan is adapting to climate change impacts by imposing energy efficiency programs to houses and businesses. By using less electricity, harmful emissions will be reduced. Also, there are many ways to retrofit structures in order to participate in these advocacies as part of your environmental and social responsibility.

For instance, there can be weak spots in your old windows in Detroit which trap more heat or the other way around; and to leak air in and out. In other cases, wrong or improper installation has contributed to this.

If you are having dilemmas with your existing windows, it’s time to change them. Contractors like Kroll Construction offer replacement windows in Detroit that are energy efficient. We have vinyl frames which are the most energy saving available and best combined with Low-E glass. This type helps prevent the transfer of heat and cold into your home which is helpful especially now that the unseasonable cool air is arriving sooner in the region. Less energy will be used to heat your home, hence lower electric bills.

Retrofit your windows in order to adapt to the consequences of this global phenomenon. Call Kroll Construction for more information about our energy-efficient windows.

Article Excerpt from Risks to Michigan and Great Lakes: See what new global warming report says by Mark Torregrossa, MLive.com, May 6, 2014

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