Wood windows succumb to tornadoes effects immediately

Tornadoes are no doubt one of the most deadly and chaotic natural disasters in history. Defined simply as a violently rotating column of cloud, with its usual wind speed which is about less than 110 miles per hour and can attain more than 300 miles per hour; it can wreak havoc on anything it comes close to. Houses with weak structures can quickly succumb to the strong wind activity that tornadoes exhibit and this is very dangerous to residents but all they can do is stay in a safe place like a basement and wait for the storm to pass, so to speak. Tornado damage is very devastating no matter where it hits.

This article from mlive.com discusses what happens after a tornado:

GENESEE TWP, MI — As the sun crests over Saginaw Street, the retreating darkness reveals an eerie scene: collapsed buildings, fields scattered with debris and plywood hanging from power lines.

It’s the scene that greeted neighbors the morning after a tornado swept through Beecher last year and the same one that greets them today.

Tornadoes can happen anywhere not just Michigan. It is wise to invest in your home’s structure to at least minimize the damage that such disaster will inflict. Opt for wood window replacement in Detroit, Michigan and replace it with a more sturdy material, that way you can lessen expenses on repairs for your home in the event of a tornado disaster.

Kroll Construction, a company that specializes in wood window replacement in Detroit, MI offers vinyl frames which are more durable than wood frames and are easier to maintain. Moreover, they install this material with advanced glass that is far superior than the ones used in older wood windows so call them now, request a quote on your window replacement project today and be prepared for tornado and other natural disasters tomorrow!

(Article Excerpt from More than a memory: One year after tornado wreckage remains in Beecher, MLIVE, May 25, 2014)


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