Questions You Should Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

Asking the right questions can help you find the contractor that will get you the replacement windows that your home deserves. In this blog, Kroll Construction discusses the questions you should ask a replacement window contractor before hiring them.

Questions You Should Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

What Kind of Window Replacement Styles and Materials Do You Offer?

Windows come in various styles. The more styles the contractor offers, the closer they can get to the design that you want to achieve. For example, not many replacement window contractors offer garden windows or decorative windows with stained glass options. If these styles are critical to your home’s design, then you should narrow your search down to those who offer these styles. The same goes with materials: while wood remains a popular window frame material, you’re bound to get better performance with composite or vinyl frames.

What Is Your Typical Project Timeline?

An average home takes about an entire day to install replacement windows start to finish. A good window replacement contractor should give you more or less the same estimated time, which should be reflected in the estimate.

How Do You Replace Windows?

It might sound too broad, but what you want to know here is whether the contractor removes all the old windows at once, or if they replace them one at a time. The latter method is ideal, as it helps minimize air leaks, especially if the entire project will take more than a day to finish.

Do You Provide Written Estimates?

The contractor should be able to provide a written estimate on or shortly after a consultation. Never hire a window replacement contractor—or any other contractor, for that matter—if they could only provide verbal estimates. The final terms of the contract will unlikely match what you have discussed.

Who Will Dispose of the Old Windows?

The client is usually the one who arranges disposal of waste materials, unless the contractor offers to do so. Make sure this is clearly stated in the contract, just to avoid any confusion after the project is completed.

What Does Your Limited Warranty Cover?

There are two parts to a replacement window warranty. Factory or manufacturer’s warranty covers problems that may arise from manufacturing defects. Workmanship or installation warranty, on the other hand, covers installation errors. Most contractors offer these along with other types of coverage; make your chosen contractor will offer both.

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