How Exterior Upgrades Help Prevent Mold Growth

Mold is a common problem that, once present, is hard to get rid of. It affects indoor air quality and can lead to problems that affect respiratory health. Roofing contractor Kroll Construction takes a look at how exterior upgrades can help prevent mold problems.

How Exterior Upgrades Help Prevent Mold Growth

Conditions That Favor Mold Growth

Let us first take a look at the conditions that favor mold growth. Mold spores are almost always present in outdoor air. You’re less likely to have mold spores if you have a well-maintained HVAC system. Mold consumes organic building materials such as wood or drywall for food, and thrives in dark, warm and moist areas with plenty of oxygen. Mold can start growing once it fulfills all these conditions in as soon as 48 hours, or even sooner in warm and humid climates.

Controlling Moisture

Controlling indoor moisture is one of the best ways to prevent mold growth. Dehumidifiers can be used to control indoor moisture levels, but they can only be effective if the house enclosure—components that separate indoor and outdoor spaces—are sealed. This means the roofing system, exterior walls and everything installed on them should keep moisture from getting into your home.

Exterior Upgrades

Water from a leaky roof is the biggest source of moisture that favors mold growth. Rainwater can get into spaces that aren’t readily visible, such as the airspace between walls and tight corners in the attic. You probably won’t notice mold growing in these areas until much later. If the roof condition is beyond repair, you shouldn’t hold off on getting it replaced. In addition to addressing your mold problem, a new roof also makes your home more comfortable, prevents further moisture damage, and may even help you save on energy costs.

Moisture may also enter your home through windows and entry doors if they do not form a tight seal when closed. Often, replacing the weatherstripping does the job, but if the frames and/or sashes are warped or damaged, have the windows replaced instead. Upgrading to double-pane glass can also help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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