3 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Might Have

You probably already know that window maintenance is important. As with other parts of the home, like your roofing, windows require routine care to perform their best, lasting long to ensure you make the most of their rated service life. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re already doing some level of maintenance on your windows. However, if you’re also like many, you probably also have some bad window maintenance habits. 

3 Bad Window Maintenance Habits You Might Have

Kroll Construction lists some of the below:

1. You Don’t Clean Tracks

Is your sliding window difficult to operate? Are your casement windows harder to crank than they should be? It could be because you’re not cleaning your window’s tracks. The area where window sashes meet frames can also accumulate dirt and debris, getting in the way of hassle-free operation. Lubricate moving parts as well and you should have your windows moving easily again.

2. You Don’t Lock Your Windows

Aside from being a security issue, not locking your windows prevents you from enjoying the best level of energy efficiency they can offer. This is because locking your windows tightens seals between sashes and weatherstripping, offering ultimate protection against air leakage. Windows closed but not locked will still let air in and out, disrupting your home’s overall insulation, according to expert window and roofing contractors.

3. You’re Not Careful When You Clean Your Siding

Things that are good for cleaning your siding, like power washers and chemicals, are not good at all for your windows’ seals. Loosened seals can lead to poor performance, giving rise to not just low energy efficiency but foggy glass, which gets in the way of outdoor views.

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