The Common Cause of Double-Pane Window Discoloration

Most homeowners prefer double-pane windows over a wood window replacement due to their durability and energy efficiency. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean double-pane windows are immune to damage. There are many indicators that your home’s double-pane windows are damaged and one of these indicators happens to be discoloration. While discoloration is easy to spot, some homeowners can still be confused as to what exactly caused it.

The Common Cause of Double-Pane Window Discoloration

In this post, Kroll Construction discusses the common cause of discoloration on double-pane windows and what you can do about it.

The Usual Suspect of Double-Pane Window Discoloration

Should you notice discoloration in your double-pane windows, there’s usually only one cause: moisture. Whether you have wood windows or another window style, moisture is one of the common problems that you have to look out for. This is because moisture problems caused by high relative humidity can directly affect your home’s windows. This can eventually lead to wood rot for your windows and health problems for your household members. Window discoloration commonly manifests itself as black streaks along the window’s surface. Alternatively, discoloration can also be white, orange, green, brown or black mildew and mold growth, making them easier to spot.

What To Do Next

Once window discoloration starts, there is now the question of whether or not you should simply repair or completely replace the window. While it’s entirely possible to simply fix this by replacing the discolored glass pane, it’s still more cost-effective to replace the window itself. That way, you won’t have to risk any further damage and you can install a window with discoloration-resistant film in order to prevent future moisture problems before they even start. While you’re at it, eliminating any sources of moisture in your home is another way to prevent moisture problems, such as your clogged downspouts and foundation drains.

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