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Insulating Your Attic: What You Need to Know

Now that winter has ended, you may want to look back and reflect on the effectiveness of your home’s insulation. If you find yourself experiencing some discomfort during the cold season, it’s time to insulate your attic. Attic insulation not only helps maintain your home’s temperature but may also help you save money. In fact, according to the U.S. Department 

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K-Style or Half-Round: The Better Gutter for Your Home

Most homes in the United States today feature K-style gutters because of how stylish and effective they are. However, there are also some homeowners who recognize the beauty and benefits of half-round gutters. If you are looking to install a gutter system, you might be wondering which one is the better choice for your home. Kroll Construction is here to 

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Siding vs. Windows: Which One Should You Work on First?

Your siding and windows are two integral components of your home’s exteriors that can make or break your property’s curb appeal. In addition to aesthetics, both of them also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. However, when the time comes that you need to replace them, you might be wondering which one to focus on first.

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Window Replacement Consultation

Investing in new windows is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Like most home improvement projects, a window replacement will require careful planning. One integral aspect of this endeavor is your initial consultation with your chosen contractor. Kroll Construction is here to give you three tips to prepare for your meeting with them. 1. 

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Usual Reasons Why Gutters Overflow and Get Damaged

When gutter problems are disregarded and repairs are skipped or put off, your home is susceptible to significantly more than just a modest amount of water and moisture buildup. Water backed up in a blocked gutter can leak into other parts of the house, including the foundation, causing water damage that jeopardizes the structural integrity of the house and needs 

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