Usual Reasons Why Gutters Overflow and Get Damaged

When gutter problems are disregarded and repairs are skipped or put off, your home is susceptible to significantly more than just a modest amount of water and moisture buildup. Water backed up in a blocked gutter can leak into other parts of the house, including the foundation, causing water damage that jeopardizes the structural integrity of the house and needs costly repairs and replacement. What are the most common causes of gutter damage? Expert roofing company Kroll Construction is here to tell you.

Gutters Overflow

Not Enough Pipes and Dislodged Joints

End caps, corners and joints are all prone to breaking or becoming dislodged. Inspect your gutters for anything that appears to be crooked, broken or out of place, and if in doubt, seek professional advice through a gutter inspection. The length of gutters you’ll need for a successful gutter system is decided by the size of your home, which also determines the number of rainwater pipes your house requires. As a general rule, gutters should not discharge more than 15 meters into a single rainfall pipe.

Poor Installation

The lowest point of the system should be the departure from the gutter to the rainwater pipe to guide the flow of water to the ground. A gutter that has been installed incorrectly may prevent water from draining properly, resulting in gutter damage and the possibility of water or moisture damage to other areas of your property as a result of poor water diversion. Always hire reputed gutter installation and roofing companies to work on your home, as their reputation alone speaks volumes about their quality of work.

Blockage Through Debris

Clogged gutters are a regular occurrence in many homes, especially in the fall. Moss, leaves, seeds and other organic debris fall into gutters from nearby trees. They decay as they are made of organic materials, and when they do, they adhere to your gutters and can decompose into a slimy, goopy, dark-colored sludge that’s difficult to remove or blow away. To avoid gutter obstruction, clean out your gutters on a regular basis, and have your roof fixed and maintained regularly.

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