Siding vs. Windows: Which One Should You Work on First?

Your siding and windows are two integral components of your home’s exteriors that can make or break your property’s curb appeal. In addition to aesthetics, both of them also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. However, when the time comes that you need to replace them, you might be wondering which one to focus on first.

Siding vs. Windows

As one of the leading siding and window companies in the area, we make an argument for each option, which we explain in detail below.

Why Replace Your Windows First

Your safest bet would be to install your windows first before your siding. This way, you won’t have to work on your exterior trim and cladding. If you have custom-made replacement windows, all the installers have to do is fit them into the existing openings. However, they will have to apply the capping around the frames first. This seals the gap between your newly installed windows and the exterior wall to keep moisture out and prevent water damage.

Why Replace Your Siding First

As long as the framing and moisture barriers are still in good condition, the siding doesn’t have to be removed before installing the replacement windows. However, if you purchased new construction windows that are of a standard size, the installers will have to alter the openings to accommodate them. This means taking off the siding and reconfiguring it before setting the new windows in place.

Determining Your Home’s Needs

Replacing your windows or siding first will depend on your home’s needs. Suppose your home suffered significant damage during a storm. If you see some of the siding panels close to falling off, but your windows are still intact except for a few broken pieces of glass, you may proceed with the siding repair and replacement.

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