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Why Fall is a Good Time to Have Your Roof Replaced

Fall is the perfect time to have a new roof installed. The autumn weather is great for roofing work and allows your roofing contractor to complete your roof replacement without any issues. A new roof will also protect your home better during winter. In today’s article, Kroll Construction, a roof replacement and wood window replacement expert, explains why fall is 

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4 Ideas on Finding Inspiration for Your Exterior Renovation

One of the greatest challenges of exterior renovation is finding inspiration for the design. Roofing, siding and window companies can help you come up with great designs, but ultimately, the design has to reflect your style and tastes. In this blog, Kroll Construction shares ideas that can help you find inspiration for your home renovation.

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Understanding the Different Parts of Your Roof

Your roof is more than the shingles or metal on the surface. It is composed of different layers that protect your interior from the harsh elements. Learning about each of its components can help you extend its service life. Kroll Construction, one of the leading home remodeling, roofing and window companies in Michigan, discusses the anatomy of your roofing system.

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