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5 Great Features of Owens Corning® TruDefinition® Shingles

Roof replacement takes a significant amount of your time and money. With the right choices, however, you can make this home improvement worthwhile. To achieve the lasting protection and performance you want for your home, be sure to choose the right roofing brand. There are many options available, but one remains a favorite for Texas homeowners: Owens Corning® TruDefinition® shingles.

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Consult the Pros: How to Select the Right Shingles?

If your goal this season is to boost the value of your home, installing a new shingle roof is the best way to go. Shingles don’t just offer superior protection from the elements. They also make your exterior more attractive with their rich, colorful styles and textures. With so many shingle choices on the market, however, it can be difficult 

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What Our Commitment to Sustainability Means for You

In a radical move that is sure to herald a greener future for the roofing industry, Owens Corning® has introduced the first roofing Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This is a verified document that gives you candid and comparable info about the life-cycle impact of products on the environment. After all, the need for eco-friendly products is one that concerns us 

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