Understanding the Different Parts of Your Roof

Your roof is more than the shingles or metal on the surface. It is composed of different layers that protect your interior from the harsh elements. Learning about each of its components can help you extend its service life. Kroll Construction, one of the leading home remodeling, roofing and window companies in Michigan, discusses the anatomy of your roofing system.



This component is also known as the wood sheathing. It serves as the base of the entire system. Most homes use oriented strand board or plywood. Others have polystyrene, concrete and metal decking.


The layer between the decking and the shingles is called the underlayment. It is rolled horizontally onto the decking and provides extra protection from water intrusion. Moreover, this durable layer, usually made of felt, helps shed water downward without let it seep through the seams.

Drip Edge

These aluminum strips are nailed to the roof edges over the underlayment. The drip edge leads the rain that hits your roof directly to the gutters. That means water won’t settle in the area, preventing the early decay of your roofing system. Working with a contractor who specializes in roofing and replacement windows installation can ensure the success of your project.

Roof Flashing

Flashing are components placed over joints in the roof and wall construction to minimize the dangers of water intrusion. The roof flashing follows a simple engineering concept that relies on the force of gravity. It is usually installed around the chimney, plumbing vent stack and other places vulnerable to water penetration.

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