Recommended Color Palettes For 5 Architectural Styles

Some traditional architectural styles look best in a particular color palette. As one of the leading roofing companies in the area, let Kroll Construction share our recommended color palettes for some of the most well-known architectural styles.

  1. Cottage style – Homes based on Cottage-style architecture look like they came out of a story book. Cottage homes are designed after small houses with 1920s-inspired details. They incorporate simple details, such as unadorned trim, painted woodwork and brick accents. For exterior colors, choose soft, almost neutral colors like blue-green siding and white trim, which work well with brick accents.

  2. Colonial Revival – Arguably the most popular architectural style in the United States, Colonial Revival incorporates elements borrowed from homes built by early English and Dutch settlers. Colonial homes became popular in the 1950s. Wood components such as painted shingle roofs and siding is a common exterior element. Muted shades of blue, green or gray are the ideal choice, tied together with white trim.

  3. Craftsman – Craftsman architecture emerged from the early 20th Century Arts and Crafts movement, in response to the then-burgeoning industrial revolution. It places emphasis on handcrafted components, complete with exposed rafter tails and a combination of wood and stone exterior. Choose earth tones that approximate natural, unpainted finishes. Look for roofing companies that offer durable shingles that imitate wood shakes, like IKO Armourshake™ and Owens Corning Woodcrest®, as they fit these home styles well.

  4. Victorian – Victorian architecture became popular in the mid-to-late 19th century, mainly influenced by its namesake style from an earlier era. It incorporates tall structures and is good for showing off detailed ornamentation. Cool colors and grays work well; choose strong contrasting trim and accents to add dimension.

  5. Mediterranean – Mediterranean architecture is influenced by Spanish villas, with prominent use of adobe and stucco exterior. Entryways and windows typically have arches, while roofs tend to have terra cotta tiles. A typical Mediterranean home incorporates warm colors and ironwork grilles; cool colors are risky, but could work with the right shades.

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