Why Fall is a Good Time to Have Your Roof Replaced

Fall is the perfect time to have a new roof installed. The autumn weather is great for roofing work and allows your roofing contractor to complete your roof replacement without any issues. A new roof will also protect your home better during winter. In today’s article, Kroll Construction, a roof replacement and wood window replacement expert, explains why fall is one of the best times to have your roof replaced.

Why Fall is a Good Time to Have Your Roof Replaced

You’ll Prepare Your Home for Winter

Your home has already experienced spring showers and summer heat waves. Fall is the perfect time to schedule a roof inspection and replacement to deal with any weather damage. This will ensure that your house is ready for winter. A brand new roof can deal with anything the winter weather can do. We recommend scheduling your roof replacement in early in fall for best results.

Fall Weather Allows for a Quicker Roof Installation

Asphalt shingles are harder to install during winter. They become brittle and more vulnerable to damage. Replacing your roof during winter is more trouble than it’s worth. Your roofer may take a longer time to replace your roof in winter because hand-nailing is necessary. As a roof and wood window replacement expert, we recommend that you schedule your roof replacement as soon as possible, while the weather is still nice.

Replacing a Roof During Winter Is Difficult

It requires special adhesive materials and substantially more effort to install a roof when the weather is cold. In addition, climbing up and working on your roof will be riskier and more difficult for your roofing company. You might also end up having to reschedule your roof replacement if the weather starts acting up during winter. It’s much better to schedule your roof replacement this fall.

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