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Siding Repair: Just the Affected Section or as a Whole?

Siding is an integral part of your home, in both aesthetics and purpose. It provides your home with protection against external elements such as rain, wind, ice and snow, helps with energy efficiency, and improves the overall aesthetics of your property! Though, they aren’t permanent fixtures. Sure, they can last for two to four decades, but in that timeframe, they 

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House Wrapping: What and Why?

Most siding materials aren’t completely water-resistant, especially when it comes to wind-driven rain. In this case, house wrapping is the best way to proceed during a siding project. House wrap is a fabric, paper or board material that protects the wall structure by covering the outer sheathing of the house walls. It is used to shed water that collects behind 

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Siding Glossary: 6 Basic Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Siding replacement is a huge undertaking. If you’ve never had to replace your siding before, this new process may seem intimidating for you. One of the best things you can do to feel more confident is to familiarize yourself with various siding terminologies. This will make it easier to communicate with your contractor and help you make smart decisions along 

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3 Aesthetic Benefits of Siding and Exterior Trim

Alside® siding and trim is one of the most popular American siding choices – and for many great reasons. The industry has no shortage of siding options, but this vinyl brand remains superior in virtually any area. Regardless of your home’s architectural style or theme, Alside vinyl siding and trim accentuates your distinctive exterior while highlighting its individuality. 

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