Top 5 Advantages of Prefinished Siding

Since its inception decades ago, prefinished siding has seen a steady increase in demand. As a result, the trend is anticipated to climb even further in the coming years and it’s for good reason. Prefinished siding saves time and money for contractors and homeowners alike by removing the need to paint once construction is complete.

Prefinished Siding

The following are the top five advantages of prefinished siding according to siding and replacement windows expert at Kroll Construction:

  1. Time-Saving Installation

Aside from a few touch-ups, most prefinished siding installations don’t require painting on the surface, reducing splattering and over-spraying. A ready-to-install product saves not only time but also money in terms of labor and materials.

  1. Color Consistency

Siding made from engineered wood is coated in a factory-controlled environment to ensure a uniform coating during the manufacturing process Then, it goes through a drying oven before it is properly wrapped and shipped. As a result, you obtain a final product with no color fluctuations, streaks, lap marks or other imperfections.

  1. Clean Job Site

When painting on the windows and siding surface, there is a risk of damaging the surrounding vegetation. To prevent the possible mess of paint cans and cleaning supplies strewn on the exterior of your home, prefinished siding is the ideal option for you.

  1. High-Quality Siding

In order to maintain a consistent appearance, prefinished siding is designed to be weathered in an even fashion. This lowers the need for frequent upkeep. A wide range of shapes and profiles are also available. All of our products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards, so you can rest assured that they will meet or exceed your expectations.

  1. Cost-Effective

Labor costs will be reduced as a result of a shorter installation time period. Prefinished siding can save money in the long run because it will last for a long time and will not need to be replaced frequently.

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