Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Siding Installation

If you have an upcoming siding installation, a little bit of preparation can help keep hassles and delays to a minimum. In today’s post, the siding and roofing contractors at Kroll Construction share tips on preparing your home for siding installation. 

Tips on How to Prepare Your Home for Siding Installation

Remove Window Shutters and Other Fixtures

A typical home exterior has window shutters, gutter downspouts, and other components that might get in the way of siding installers. Many of these components can be removed the day before installation and put back after. Keeping the installation areas clean can shave off a few minutes from the installation time, as well as reduce the risks of accidental damage to these components.

Trim the Tree Limbs

If you have trees growing on your property, there are many reasons why you should trim the tree limbs every once in a while. Sharp branches might scratch the roofing surface and expose the asphalt layer to damage caused by UV radiation. It also helps prevent small animals from gaining access to the roof. Yet another benefit of trimmed tree limbs is it provides room for your siding installers to move around in during installation. To avoid accidentally harming the tree, hire a local arborist.

Clear the Yard

Remove objects on the deck, lawn, and anywhere else in the yard that might get in the way of installation. These objects include patio furniture and other loose items. Talk to your siding contractor about the space that needs to be cleared in the yard. They will need a temporary spot to place dumpsters for collecting discarded siding. You and your contractor can also map out paths for the installers to help keep foot traffic to certain areas.

Remove the Wall Decor

Your siding installers will be hammering on the exterior walls. Wall decor such as framed art or pictures and figures on shelves may fall off during installation. Also, protect your appliances from dust and bits of plaster that will be swirling around.

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