Siding Glossary: 6 Basic Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Siding replacement is a huge undertaking. If you’ve never had to replace your siding before, this new process may seem intimidating for you. One of the best things you can do to feel more confident is to familiarize yourself with various siding terminologies. This will make it easier to communicate with your contractor and help you make smart decisions along the way.

Siding Glossary: 6 Basic Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Kroll Construction, one of the top siding and roofing companies in the region, lists some of the basic terms you should know.

  1. Backerboard – This is often nailed to the studs on the exterior side of your wall. A backerboard offers a clean surface area to which you can fasten the siding.
  1. Course – This refers to a single row of siding panels covering the house from one side to the other. When it comes to vertical siding, it pertains to the row of panels from top to bottom.
  1. Drip cap – A piece of trim designed to deflect water runoff from the top of the panels, it helps prevent moisture from getting behind your siding. Drip caps are the equivalent of drip edges in roofing systems.
  1. Fascia – It covers the rafter edges and completes the appearance of your roof. Since fascia boards are visible exterior components, they must match your siding panels.
  1. Furring Strip – Made of either wood or steel, it provides an even base for the nails. The phrase “to furr” means to apply these strips.
  1. Wind Load Rating – This metric determines the sustained wind speed the siding can withstand without breaking apart. It is measured in miles per hour. 

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