Siding Repair: Just the Affected Section or as a Whole?

Siding is an integral part of your home, in both aesthetics and purpose. It provides your home with protection against external elements such as rain, wind, ice and snow, helps with energy efficiency, and improves the overall aesthetics of your property! Though, they aren’t permanent fixtures. Sure, they can last for two to four decades, but in that timeframe, they will inevitably incur damage one way or the other. When this happens, is it okay to replace or repair siding in just the affected section, or do you need to do it as a whole? Wood window replacement expert Kroll Construction is here to help!

Siding Repair

Boards and Panels

Siding damage to a single board or panel is uncommon, although it does happen from time to time. After a severe storm, a branch sailing through the air may fracture one of the boards, or a wayward baseball during summer may damage one of the panels in particular. A single panel or component may also deform due to flaws in the installation process or the manufacturing process. When this happens, the best option is to replace the piece with a new one. This is especially critical with sensitive siding like wood, where damage can allow harmful moisture to enter.

To be straight to the point, just like repairing certain sections during wood window replacement, replacing boards and panels is also possible. This is due to the fact that most siding materials, particularly vinyl, are light and easy to install. Single-board replacement works on aluminum, fiber cement, and other forms of siding, but it can be difficult to take a single board from the middle of a wall and replace it with a new board without destroying the siding around it, especially with more delicate materials. If you don’t have any experience with home siding, it’s probably advisable to get the help of a professional.


A full wall or a substantial portion of siding may also be damaged at some point. This can happen when cheap vinyl siding is exposed to and damaged by heat, or when aluminum panels are dented by routine yard maintenance, or when a major case of rot or mildew spreads throughout an entire area of siding, requiring the replacement of significant sections. In these cases, a siding expert will typically saw-off the entire damaged section and replace it with new materials. Although boards can sometimes be cut halfway through and new board pieces adhered to the previous boards through the use of adhesives, it is generally more practical to just replace the entire board itself.

The Verdict

In the end, it is possible to replace just a small damaged part, but you run the risk of damaging the surrounding sections as well if you do not have the experience and skills needed to do the maintenance. Keep in mind that even if you only replace a minor section of siding, you’ll be replacing years-old materials with brand new ones that are probably fresh from the manufacturing line. Because the new siding will not have the same weathering or exposure to sunlight as the old siding, the appearance may be drastically different, particularly in darker colors. As a result, if the damaged area is extensive, some homeowners prefer to replace a whole wall of siding to avoid a color mismatch that can look awkward up close.

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