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How to Conduct a Gutter Inspection Like a Professional

Gutters direct runoff toward the drains, protecting your home’s foundation, siding, roofing and other components from water damage. Gutters also prevent rainwater from accumulating in your yard, path and driveway. As such, you should keep your gutters in great condition. In general, it’s a good idea to check your gutters at least twice a year to make sure they’re clean 

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Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheaper Out-of-Town Roofer

You may have heard the term “storm chasers,” but we’re not referring to people who are in pursuit of severe weather for research purposes. These are transient roofers from another town or state who arrive in a storm-ravaged location and offer roofing services to unsuspecting homeowners at cheaper rates. Their prices, more often than not, are too good to be 

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How to Identify a Bad Roof Installation

Most roofing companies have the skills and expertise to complete repairs and replacements properly. However, there are some that are prone to cutting corners just to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you worked with such a contractor, you might have to expect that your roof wasn’t installed properly. To confirm this, you need to be on the lookout for these 

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DIY Roof Repairs Are Risky; Here’s Why

If you have a roofing system that’s regularly cared for and maintained, it can stay in good condition throughout its life span. As for repairs, taking the DIY approach isn’t recommended because you’re putting yourself, your family and your home at risk. Doing repairs on your own can also void your warranty and force you to shoulder the expenses when your roof 

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Understanding the Causes of a Wavy or Rippled Shingle Roof

A wavy or rippled asphalt shingle roof isn’t something to be ignored. Even if you think the damage looks minor, it must be checked to determine whether it’s an issue that needs to be resolved. This must be done by a licensed roofer who can provide a detailed assessment of the damage and its causes and find what solutions would 

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4 Things to Expect in a Professional Roofing Inspection

While most homeowners can spot obvious roof damage, there may be underlying issues not visible to the untrained eye. As such, it’s essential to schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year. Here, your roofer will look for any signs of unusual wear and tear as well as damage caused by debris or organic growth. If your roofer 

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