How to Identify a Bad Roof Installation

Most roofing companies have the skills and expertise to complete repairs and replacements properly. However, there are some that are prone to cutting corners just to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you worked with such a contractor, you might have to expect that your roof wasn’t installed properly. To confirm this, you need to be on the lookout for these noticeable signs:

Bad Roof Installation

Improper Nail Placement

One of the signs your roofers cut corners during installation is when they didn’t use the appropriate shingle nail or placed the nails in the wrong place. In either instance, expect the asphalt shingle roof to be exposed to weather elements, shortening its life span. This can be avoided by working with a local contractor with the necessary manufacturer certifications, which means that they adhere to roofing standards and the local building codes and regulations.

Uneven Roof Surface

A quick visual inspection of a newly installed roof should clue you in on the level of workmanship that your roofer provided. You know it’s installed correctly if it looks flat and consistent at every angle. It may look bumpy and uneven as soon as the installation’s done, but that only means that the adhesives underneath haven’t bonded to the decking yet. Give it a few days of warm weather and you’ll notice the difference. However, if the lumpiness on some sections of the roof surface remains after a few weeks or months, you’ll have to question the quality of the job.

Roof Surface Stains

Typically, stains and streaks indicate that your roof is currently experiencing a leak. Inspect your attic for leaks; if leaks are significant enough, they will be visible on the attic’s surface. In most cases, if a leak is localized, it can be fixed. Lots of stains are a clue that there are major issues that require attention, including replacing the roof decking.

Fortunately, you can avoid poor workmanship when you work with professionals who have your best interests in mind. For homeowners in and around Livonia, Westland and Detroit, MI, that would be Kroll Construction. Count on our skilled, certified and experienced roof technicians to install your new roof, getting it right the first time so you can rest assured that your home is protected from the elements. Call us at (888) 338-6340, or use this contact form to request a quote from us today.

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