How Your Roof Can Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Your roofing system is crucial in protecting your home and your family. It also provides benefits that can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. So when repairing your roof or replacing it with a new one, there are key elements you need to consider to lower energy costs.

Home's Energy Efficiency

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Shingle Color

Dark roofs absorb more heat from the sun than light-colored roofs. As a result, more heat is transferred to the underside of the roof deck and the attic below. When shopping for new shingles, ask your roofer for help so you can select an appropriate shingle color for your local climate.

Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier is usually applied when new shingles and roof decking are installed. Combined with other roofing elements, a radiant barrier can help reduce the heat that enters your home through the roof. This helps lower your heating and cooling costs and reduces your carbon footprint all year round.


The best time to address a roof’s energy efficiency is during a roof replacement project. But because roof replacement is a huge investment, homeowners often put it off unless it’s an emergency. In case you’re not yet ready for the costs of a replacement, you can upgrade your attic insulation first to improve your home’s energy efficiency. 


Proper airflow plays a vital role in your roof’s health. While insulation serves as a thermal barrier between your living spaces and your roof, the attic itself can become extremely hot during summer. Without adequate ventilation, excessive attic heat can warp the roof decking and shorten the useful life of the shingles. Heat can even pass through the insulation to the rest of the house, forcing your cooling system to work harder.

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