Understanding the Causes of a Wavy or Rippled Shingle Roof

A wavy or rippled asphalt shingle roof isn’t something to be ignored. Even if you think the damage looks minor, it must be checked to determine whether it’s an issue that needs to be resolved. This must be done by a licensed roofer who can provide a detailed assessment of the damage and its causes and find what solutions would work best. Otherwise, the damage can spread to the rest of your roof, and you’ll end up paying more for repairs.

 Rippled Shingle Roof

Local roofing contractor Kroll Construction shares some of the most common causes behind wavy or rippled roofs.

Improper Ventilation

A solid roof should have more than just an impressive visual appeal. It should also have enough intake and exhaust vents installed to facilitate proper air circulation. This is when cool air enters the intake vents to replace the warm air inside the attic, which escapes through the exhaust vents. However, if you have insufficient vents installed, moisture will form under the decking boards. This will seep through and cause warping damage, which leads to ripples and buckles on your asphalt shingles. 

Strong Winds

Asphalt shingles can sometimes appear wavy or rippled due to wind damage. If the damage is minor and the roofing materials are mostly intact, they can be repaired by reapplying adhesive to hold them in place. However, this can only be done if there’s no sign of creasing, cracking or other type of wind damage. Choosing to put off the needed repairs will leave part of your roof exposed to the elements, causing further damage and compromising the system’s structural integrity.

Subpar Workmanship

When a roof isn’t installed properly, it can also lead to rippled and wavy shingles as well as other substantial damage. Make sure to hire licensed roofing contractors who know how to follow the proper procedures in shingle roofing. This includes knowing how to nail them in the right direction so that they won’t be easily blown off during inclement weather. 

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