Let’s Talk Vinyl: A Guide to the Window Replacement Option – Part I: Vinyl Window Parts and Optimal Efficiency

Vinyl windows have long been used by many homes in the country but they are still very popular as replacement options, despite the introduction of other choices in the market today, because they offer a number of benefits. Specifically, vinyl windows are able to address the growing interest and need for energy efficiency in the home, performing well thanks to the sum of their parts. These parts include:


Vinyl frames offer outstanding thermal insulation and low conductivity, meaning they don’t absorb and transfer heat unnecessarily. This allows vinyl windows to contribute to keeping indoor temperatures stable, helping prevent your HVAC system from working overtime, which leads to guzzling power needlessly.


The higher the number of its panes are, the more energy-efficient a window is. This is because having multiple layers of glass improves a window’s ability to keep heat transfer to a minimum. And because window glass occupies the biggest area in a unit, the kind of glass a vinyl window comes with can greatly affect its level of energy efficiency.

Special Coatings

Low-emissivity glass coating allows a vinyl window to keep heat from the sun away from a home without affecting the level of natural light it lets in. Ultraviolet rays are also filtered out, which prevents fading in furniture and other items situated around a window.

Gas Fills

Because vinyl windows can have multiple panes, they can also have spaces in between layers of glass. By default, air fills this space but inert gas like argon are also used. Colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and non-toxic, inert gases insulate better than air, helping further reduce thermal transfer across glass panes.

Spacers and Seals

Warm-edge spacers keep the window panes at recommended distances between each other, ensuring outstanding insulation, and create an effective thermal barrier to help reduce energy loss through the window. High-quality seals, on the other hand, make sure that all glass panes are sealed tight, keeping gas fills intact and preventing condensation from forming.

In Part 2, we’ll be debunking common myths surrounding vinyl windows to help you get to know the window replacement option better. Read on for more!

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