Wood Isn’t Good: Why Upgrade Your Windows with Us

Replacing aging wood windows in kind is a terrible mistake. Timber may be the oldest window material on the market, but it doesn’t mean it’s better than its “younger” counterparts.

Wood is susceptible to decay and requires a lot of maintenance to last. It’s subject to severe expansion and contraction as well because of the moisture changes in it. Considering its generally steep tag price, its downsides no longer justify its expansive cost when you have other options at your disposal.

At Kroll Construction, we offer the best wood window replacement solution in the region. Here’s why you should choose us when upgrading your old units:

One Word: Vinyl

Our company is home to Alside vinyl replacement windows. Wood has lost its popularity and market share dominance to vinyl for a variety of reasons. Compared with old-fashioned timber, vinyl is far more affordable and nearly maintenance-free. Vinyl doesn’t decay because it repels moisture and an excellent insulator itself. Premium vinyl windows, like Alside products, come in a large selection of colors and could resist heat to avoid discoloration and prevent sagging and cracking.

Furthermore, vinyl is the most sought-after window material of the 21st century. Upgrading to it would add tremendous value to your home.

Many Models, Many Possibilities

Unlike other manufacturers, choosing Alside in your wood window replacement is like browsing through the product catalogs of different brands. It offers an array of vinyl products with unique innovative features. Each Alside window model may be different in design, but they all provide a healthy trade-off among beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and security.

Certified by Alside

Kroll Construction is a certified installer for Alside, the leading brand’s trusted representative in Motor City and beyond. Our certification means our crew is fully trained to meet Alside’s high workmanship standards to ensure faultless work.

On the contrary, choosing a non-certified installer increases the risk of window failure. Since every Alside product has particular installation requirements, you can’t entrust your project to someone with questionable proficiency and experience to carry out the job.

A wood window replacement is a great opportunity to improve your home in practically all areas. If you turn to Kroll Construction to handle your project, you’d halfway there. Call us now at (888) 338-6340 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Detroit, Michigan, to discuss your MI project in detail.

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