Window Styles That Offer Excellent Lighting in the Kitchen

The best way to enjoy natural light in your kitchen is to have the right choice of windows. Naturally, more windows in the kitchen mean more light, which makes it brighter, but you have to keep in mind that not all windows offer the same amount of light.

Window Styles That Offer Excellent Lighting in the Kitchen

When it comes to replacement windows in Michigan that provide better natural light for your kitchen, there are three major styles to consider. Kroll Construction discusses these styles below:

Casement Windows

These windows operate like a door, swinging outward via hinges located on only one side. As such, you can open them to receive copious amounts of natural light into your kitchen. As an added benefit, you also get to enjoy adequate ventilation with these windows, so your kitchen remains fresh and airy all day. We offer casement windows that come with low air leakage rates due to a tighter seal.

Bay and Bow Windows

If you don’t have sufficient wall space in your kitchen, you can simply go for one style. If you have enough space, however, a combination of these styles always offers great results. The unique angles of these windows maximize the flow of sunlight into the kitchen, giving it an expansive feeling. You can also use them to incorporate a window seat or serve as the perfect backdrop for a kitchen table.

Garden Windows

These are much like the bay or bow windows, only smaller. In addition to providing adequate lighting, this “Box” style window can provide extra shelf space for herbs, starter seedlings, or other potted plants throughout the year.

It is important to keep in mind that if a wall doesn’t have a window, there’s probably a good reason for it. That’s why you need to consult a designer to see where new windows might work in your kitchen. As one of the leading window companies in Michigan, we have all the experience and expertise to handle your project. We will review your kitchen layout and the structural design of your home to see if we can add new windows or expand the existing ones for more natural light.

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