Window Styles: Best Candidates for Daylighting

One of the unique benefits of upgrading your aging windows in the 21st century is daylighting. Thanks to advanced glazing technology, modern products catch the sun better than their older counterparts do. Admitting plenty of natural light doesn’t only illuminate your rooms for free, but it also helps shape and define your interior spaces.

To enjoy maximum daylighting, you need to choose your replacement windows right. In Kroll Construction’s book, these styles are your best candidates:


The picture window may owe its name from framing views and turning nature into art, but it’s perhaps the best sunshine catcher of them all. This type of unit is generally above-average in size, transforming most of the wall space as a portal of light.


The bow is the widest of all projection windows. It comprises multiple units (fixed or not) to occupy a big aperture. Its best claim to fame is its graceful arch form, jutting out from the exterior wall. Since it has curves instead of corners, it has a greater glass area than its cousins, which captures a generous amount of sunlight.


Like the bow, the bay sweeps away from the wall. But unlike the bow, it’s generally angular in construction. Although it generally has less glass than its shapely counterpart, it’s nonetheless an efficient source of illumination. No matter where you install it, the bay can brighten the room it serves until the last daylight hours.


Garden windows are typically small, but they can effectively make your space airier. Made of operating units on all sides, including the top, they can definitely provide you a “boxful” of sunshine.


Sliding replacement windows are your best choice when illuminating rooms with short walls. They’re universally wide, maximizing the length of the wall to let in a profusion of natural light.

Use windows to best effect to harness the upsides of the sun, while neutralizing its unwanted consequences to increase your home’s livability. Call Kroll Construction now at (888) 338-6340 to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Detroit, Michigan, or any surrounding area to get your project started.

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