Window Replacement: All at Once or a Few at a Time?

Compared to other kinds of home improvements, window replacement is unique, in that the homeowner can choose to have all of them replaced at once, or have one or a few replaced across different appointmenments. The local wood window replacement contractors at Kroll Construction share a look at the pros and cons of both.

Window Replacement: All at Once or a Few at a Time?

Upfront Cost

In addition to the cost of the new windows, the upfront cost for a window replacement appointment also includes the cost of labor, taxes, and fees associated with permits and other paperwork. This is why replacing the windows all at once generally costs less overall, as opposed to the cumulative costs of several smaller window replacements.

There are exceptions that call for individual window replacements, such as when only one or two windows needed replacement due to storm damage, or when they have sprung a leak. Working with a reputable wood window replacement contractor can help you make informed decisions, as they can determine whether some or all of your windows need to be replaced.

Window Performance and Energy Efficiency

If your home still has old wood windows, you should consider having all the windows replaced at once. Old wood windows are prone to warping due to exposure to humidity and temperature changes. This can introduce gaps between the sash and frame that result in heat leaks, which leads to higher indoor heating and cooling requirements. Traditional windows with single-pane glass also tend to let heat pass through conduction.

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows at once can help reduce your indoor heating and cooling requirements by helping maintain consistent indoor temperatures. The reduced workload on your heating and cooling systems can result in significant energy savings. This benefit may not be as significant or immediate if your windows are upgraded across several remodeling projects.


Achieving a consistent look and quality of work is easier when you have your windows replaced at once. While the same can be achieved over several appointments, you need to make sure you’re working with the same contractor, or at least ones that offer the same type of replacement windows. More importantly, the quality of work and warranty coverage should also be the same or similar.

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