Window Material Options: Wood vs. Vinyl – PART I: The Importance of Choosing the Right Material

There are different reasons why homeowners replace their windows. Whatever your reason may be, replacing windows not only enhances your home’s value but also ensures that you and your family stay comfortable. However, you’ll only benefit from a replacement if you choose the right one. There will be more than a handful of options available to you and choosing entails considering several factors, one of which is window framing material.

The Right Material Matters

Even though windows are mostly composed of glass, window frames are still as important as the glazing. They serve as the windows’ backbone, holding the glazing in place while sealing out drafts and moisture and being responsible for allowing window operation. Given the frame’s role, your choice can then make or break how a replacement functions and performs in your home.

However, not all window frames are created equal. A lot of homeowners are not concerned by this because they have decided on simply getting a brand-new version of their old windows but if the opportunity is available, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the chance to have a better window?

Wood and Vinyl: Today’s Top Choices

The window frame is one that will address your needs. Look for one that is durable, of course, but easy to maintain, energy-efficient and highly attractive, so you get a good blend of form and function. Wood is a traditional framing material and though wooden windows have been around for years, the material remains a favorite because of its charm, beauty and elegance. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a relatively new material that boasts of durability, maintenance ease and affordability. Both have a lot to offer but there can only be one right window frame material for you. To help you choose, comparing the two is the best course of action.

In the next part, we will be comparing wood and vinyl to give you a deeper understanding of each as window framing materials. Read on for more!

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