Window Maintenance: How Water Quality Affects Cleaning

Water quality shouldn’t only be for drinking. The type and quality of water can also affect other common activities we do at home, such as maintaining the windows or cleaning the doors. For example, hard water may be good for drinking, but it’s not ideal for washing windows. 

Window Maintenance: How Water Quality Affects Cleaning

Kroll Construction, your go-to local home improvement contractor, discusses how water quality can affect window maintenance.

How Do You Define Water Quality?

It refers to the physical, biological and chemical composition of water. Since water is prone to many types of pollution – from natural sources to industrial machinery and sewage systems – water quality is often checked for the presence of metals, bacteria and organic matter.

How Does Water Quality Affect Window Maintenance?

Water quality has many advantages, depending on how it’s used. As mentioned earlier, hard water is ideal for drinking but it’s unfavorable for cleaning your replacement windows because its dissolved minerals boost its hardness.

As a result, the foaming and cleaning effects of soap is significantly reduced. If you use water with a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS), it can cause spots and streaks on the glass pane. Remember that the water quality level should not exceed 20 parts per million for streak-free windows. This is often solved by softening the water through a complex chemical process, of course, with the help of an expert.

Soft water or purified water is ideal for window maintenance because it’s free of all the dissolved materials that cause scummy spots on the glass. In addition, it uses less soap and foams rather easily, making it a perfect choice for thorough cleaning.

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