Why Pick Vinyl for Your Windows?

Windows protect you from the heat and give you a view of the outdoors. Because of their usefulness, manufacturers have spent years learning what type of material is best for a durable window. For most, the go-to solution is vinyl. Kroll Construction, your wood window replacement experts, explains the benefits of vinyl.

Incredibly Low Maintenance

In terms of maintaining vinyl, you could leave it alone for years and find it spotless afterwards. Vinyl is incredibly resistant to scratches without the need for protective paints or coating. At the same time, you can clean out all the dirt with just soap and water to give yourself a lovely view in an instant.


Double-pane vinyl windows are the most common in houses and work to keep heat in and out. To elaborate, vinyl has high-quality insulation. As such, it helps reflect and keep out heat during the sunny days. At the same time, cold weather won’t affect your comfort. It’s little wonder that homeowners like you consider vinyl when planning a wood window replacement project.

More Affordable

Of all the materials for windows, vinyl is the least expensive. Despite the low cost, it’s also incredibly durable and resistant to rust. As such, you get high quality for an affordable price.

Fit for Design

When you check out the different types of vinyl windows, you’ll find that they come in different designs. You can find them in several colors, sizes and styles. This means you can find the best possible look for an energy-saving and durable window. This also applies to the vinyl frame that holds it together.

If your house still has wood windows, it’s time to switch it up for longer lasting and affordable comfort! Turn to Kroll Construction for quality window products and services. Give us a call at (844) 688-9632 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve all homeowners in Detroit and other areas in Michigan.

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