Why Choose Wood Windows?

For many years, homeowners have leaned toward wood window replacement products for their homes. As technologies improved and new materials appeared, they started favoring less expensive alternatives. Despite their reputation, wood windows still have advantages. Kroll Construction shares why wood is still one of the best window materials on the market.

Why Choose Wood Windows



Looks are one of the reasons many people choose wooden windows. After all, nothing can truly beat their elegant and warm looks. Thanks to its unique beauty, most window frames attempt to mimic the look of wood. Why, then, settle for a cheap imitation if you can afford the real deal? For older or more traditional homes, there is no better choice than real wood windows. Wood can also accept all kinds of paints and colors you choose to apply, giving you many design options for your home.


We learn in school that wood is a bad conductor of heat. This makes it perfect for insulation. Quality wood frames are the best insulators available. Wood insulates 400-times better than steel, and 1,800-times better than aluminum. Wood window replacement products help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Consequently, your energy bills will be lower all year round. Additionally, wood-framed windows are excellent at insulating outdoor sounds.


Research shows that quality wood windows last much longer and have a lower whole-life cost. With proper care, wood will last a lifetime. We cannot say the same for most other frames. Wood windows also do not rust, a deciding factor for many locations with high humidity levels.

Kroll Construction provides professional wood window replacement services for home like yours. We strongly urge that you put wood windows on the top of your list when shopping for replacement windows. We cover multiple areas in Michigan, including Detroit, MI. Call us today at 734-422-4840 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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