Why Choose Casement Windows?

Style matters when it comes to picking new windows for your home. After all, you’ll want your choice to not only improve your home’s curb appeal, but to also meet your specific needs. And while casement windows have been around for centuries, they remain an enduring favorite because of the many benefits they offer. One of the most trusted window companies in the area, Kroll Construction, shares what makes casement windows a worthy investment.

Why Choose Casement Windows?
  • Timeless Beauty. Casements used to be the go-to choice before the advent of sash windows. But many homeowners still pick the former because of their Old World charm. Casement windows come with a neat and simple design that lends itself well to traditional home styles. But no worries–they can also be customized to better match with modern and contemporary architecture.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency. The design of casement replacement windows can already make a huge difference to your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. When closed, their sashes press firmly against the frame, creating a durable and tight seal that prevents air leakage and significant energy loss. But with advanced technology, they can take their energy performance to the next level. Take the Alside® vinyl replacement windows offered by Kroll Construction, for instance. They have fusion-welded frames and a multi-chamber design that allows for superior insulating value. Pair them with ClimaTech insulating glass and you get some of the most energy-efficient casement windows  available today.
  • Greater Access to Natural Ventilation. Casement windows can be opened wide (and their sashes angled) to direct cooling breezes into your home. They are especially useful during the warm season, as these windows can keep your home cooler and comfortable without relying too much on your air conditioning. And because casements are usually made up of one sash, they can help maximize your home’s viewing area, as well.

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