What Makes a Replacement Window Energy-Efficient

The U.S. Department of Energy’s studies show that 30% or more of a home’s energy is lost through inefficient windows. Lost energy reflects on your cooling or heating bills and leads to a larger carbon footprint. It’s time to choose modern, thermally efficient and superior quality replacement windows.

What Makes a Replacement Window Energy-Efficient

In today’s post, we shed light on what makes a window energy-efficient, and help you choose the right window replacement for your home.

Energy-efficient materials

1. Quality frame materials that reduce heat transfer and insulate better

2. Multiple panes of glass, with air-filled space in the middle, insulate better than a single pane of glass

3. Special coatings that reflect infrared and UV light

4. Argon, krypton or other gases filled between the panes. These odorless, colorless, non-toxic gases insulate better than regular air

5. A spacer that keeps glass panes apart at the correct distance

Save energy and money

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that vinyl windows have moderate to high R-values, which translates into reduced heat loss and greater thermal efficiency that can help you save money and reduce energy costs. ENERGY STAR single-pane windows can help you save $126–$465 a year from monthly energy bills. Meanwhile, double-pane windows can cut off $27–$111 a year from energy bills.

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Our windows are the replacement windows that Detroit counts on for energy savings. These windows are custom manufactured to precise specifications, then professionally installed by our own factory-trained crews.

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