What Causes Windows to Leak?

The windows are more than just static and attractive structures. They play a key role regulating the air quality and energy efficiency of a home. The most common problem these structures face is leakage in the form of air and water leaks – both of which can have a negative effect on the house.

What Causes Windows to Leak?

In this post, Kroll Construction discusses what causes air and water leaks and what you can do about them.

Leaks and Sealant Failure

Whether it’s a water or air leak, the main cause is a sealant failure on the windows. These can come about as a result of normal weathering, improper installation or poor home insulation. In the latter’s case, the window sealant isn’t the only thing that will degrade due to lack of insulation.

The outer seal is very important as it’s the one that prevents water from reaching the internal seals, which are responsible for keeping air out. While it’s possible to repair or replace the seal, there will come a time when it’s necessary to replace the old windows with new replacement windows.

How to Tell if There’s a Seal Failure

One way to check for air leaks is to look for drafts coming from the windows. It’s a clear warning sign that the sealant has been damaged or has deteriorated somewhat. As for water leaks, look for dark stains or signs of rot damage on the frames. Due to how precipitation works, the bottom part of the frames are usually the first to show signs of water staining or rotting.

How We Solve Leaky Windows

Once the windows start to leak, replacing the entire thing is often the only option. At Kroll Construction, we install superior quality replacement windows that are engineered to deliver superior thermal performance. 

Our windows are custom-fit exclusively for your home and come with strong sealants to prevent air and water leaks. They are also easy to operate and come in a variety of styles and finishes that match your home’s decor and architecture.

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