Using a White Window to Complement Your Home Décor

Home improvements are all about decisions, and at times, the smallest ones can be the hardest. Take selecting a color for your windows. This is a relatively small detail, but many homeowners actually take a long time to do it.

Using a White Window to Complement Your Home Décor

While there are several standard colors to choose from, white is anything but standard when you know how to utilize it. In this article, Kroll Construction discusses how to use a white window to match the style of your home.

Contrasting themes

White windows and trims can set off wood tones and dark walls. This contrast can highlight architectural features and allow for the striking details in the space to pop. Beyond color though, the style of your window will also play a key role in the home décor so you will also need to select this carefully. As one of the top window companies in Michigan, we provide a wide variety of window styles, shapes, and sizes to provide you with many choices for your home décor.

Minimalist look

If you prefer a more minimalist look to your home design, ensure that the trim and the surrounding wall are of the same color. This will accentuate the white color of your window and present a cohesive design rather than a disjointed one.

Combining tones

When it comes to white, keep in mind that the color presents itself in varied tones. Knowing the precise variant of white will help you understand the best one that suits the overall décor in your home. For instance: if you have predominantly cool colors on the door and window casings, you can use warmer shades of white with hints of cream and then go a little darker on the trim work. This will add visual appeal to the room.

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