Tunable Window Coating: A New Innovation

There’s a new material in development that is set to make smart windows even smarter – tunable window coating. This will give property owners the ability to control both light and heat coming through their windows for maximum energy savings and comfort regardless of the weather.

Tunable Window Coating: A New Innovation

Kroll Construction, one of the top window companies in Michigan, discusses more about this upcoming window innovation.

What’s It Made Of?

The new material build is based on a previous prototype that allows control over near-infrared light that produces heat but not visible light. This new tunable coating features a thin layer of nanocrystals that’s embedded in the glass.

This thin layer modifies sunlight as it passes through the window and a small electrical current will allow homeowners to switch the material between transmitting and blocking the light.

Once this new technology is perfected, it will redefine and improve the smart replacement windows available to home and business owners. 

Our Energy-Efficient Windows

Michigan homeowners don’t have to wait for this new technology to start saving energy through their windows. At Kroll Construction, we offer energy-efficient windows that are manufactured to deliver superior thermal performance.

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We offer a wide selection of window styles that match any architectural style. From classic bow, bay and casement windows to contemporary sliding windows, each one is an energy-efficient and custom-fit structure that’s made unique for your home.

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