Tips for Choosing High-Quality Replacement Windows

Old, broken and rotting windows present various problems to your home. They can increase your heating or cooling bills, and won’t be able to protect your home properly during inclement weather as much as good windows will. 

Tips for Choosing High-Quality Replacement Windows

While repairs are helpful, they sometimes just aren’t enough to make your windows perform as well as they should. When repairs aren’t enough, you’ll need to have your windows replaced.

If you’re in need of a window replacement but don’t know how to choose one that will last, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right window, courtesy of your replacement windows expert, Kroll Construction. 

Picture It

Look at your window choices and imagine how they would look in your home, from the outside and from the inside. Does it blend well? Does it look like a perfect fit?

Check the Appearance

Next, inspect the window for obvious flaws. Does it look sturdy and well made? Does it look like it’ll need a lot of maintenance? Is it attractive, or does it make you want to look for another window?

Check for Ease of Use

After inspecting its appearance, take the time to check if it’s easy to operate. It is easy to open and close? Does the window latch effortlessly? Try moving its parts and look for signs pointing to possible problems in the future.

Consider Easy Maintenance

Windows are likely to get dirty and will suffer from everyday wear and tear. You’ll need to check if they are easy to clean from both sides (if you can reach the interior and exterior glass), so you’ll know if cleaning will be a problem.

Next, you’ll need to know if replacement parts are easily available for emergencies. You wouldn’t want to spend top dollar on a window replacement, only to discover sometime later that it’s more troublesome to fix it rather than replacing it anew.

Ask About the Warranty

Now that you’ve inspected the replacement window and found it to be a good choice, check for warranties, especially on parts and finishes. The longer the warranties, particularly for glass replacements, the better. Keep the receipt and warranty for future references.

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