The Timeline of a Typical Window Replacement Process

The window replacement process is far less complicated than most types of renovations. Nevertheless, knowing the process can help you keep your project on track and be one step ahead of unexpected changes. In today’s post, Kroll Construction shares an overview of what a typical window replacement timeline looks like.

The Timeline of a Typical Window Replacement Process

Before Installation

After signing the contract and making the down payment, your replacement window contractor will need one or two weeks to prepare. Replacement windows will be ordered or custom-built and permits will be applied for. Your contractor will also work with you on how to prepare your home for installation day. You may need to clear areas around the windows and mark paths for the installers. The new windows may also be delivered a few days ahead of installation date.

Window Installation

Replacing the windows typically requires no more than two installers, though more may be needed for large homes or if it’s a rush installation. Installers will first prepare the installation areas by placing drop cloths, coving the indoor and outdoor paths, and protecting areas like landscaping.

Installers can begin installation right after preparation. Unlike most types of renovations, installing replacement windows are ideally done one at a time. This process helps reduce energy loss through air leaks. Heating and air conditioning can be turned off for each room without affecting the entire house. After removing an old window, an installer will inspect the wall opening, make sure it is structurally sound, and perform repairs if needed before installing the new window.

After Installation

After installation, the new windows will undergo a quality inspection performed by your contractor or a window manufacturer representative. Anything that doesn’t meet installation standards will be corrected before the project is pronounced as complete. Your contractor will then give you a “tour” and that includes a demonstration of the new windows’ features, as well as tips on care and maintenance. A few days after installation, your contractor will follow up with warranty registration and collect remaining payments.

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