The Anatomy of an Energy-Efficient Window

There are several parts that make up a window, from the frame to the glass. Each part plays a role in how well the window can help your home maintain energy efficiency. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with heat. Since it is under constant sunlight, it must contain the following parts to insulate properly. Make sure your replacement windows have all the parts in place to keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Window Frame

The window frame is what holds it all together which means it plays an important role in keeping heat out. Without a properly insulated frame, the heat would easily transfer onto the glass. Your local contractor should provide highly durable and insulated window frame materials, such as fiberglass and wood.

Multi-Layered Panes

Insulation also varies depending on the number of layers in the glass. Replacement windows with multiple layers perform better because the number of sealed layers of air in between prevents heat from conducting or escaping. These can be found in either double- or triple-layered types.

Low-E Coating

Even with a good frame and layers of glass, heat might get through if it weren’t for the coating. It plays a two-way role of either keeping heat out during warm days or keeping heat in during cold days. As such, the Low-E coating works best for all types of weather conditions.

A Professional Installers

You can have all the components for an energy-efficient window but it takes a properly trained and experienced professional to know how to install it. This makes sure that it stays intact and does its job properly.

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