Should Your New Windows Have Grilles?

Getting a window replacement unit entails making a few key decisions — from selecting the trim color to picking which frame material to use. However, there is a unique window-related query that has been leaving both new and old homeowners wondering: should they get grilles with their new windows or not? In today’s post, professional window company Kroll Construction focuses on important points to consider that will help you arrive at the right decision.

Should Your New Windows Have Grilles?

Architectural Design of Your Home

One of the main factors to consider when deciding whether or not to go for window grilles is the architectural design of your exterior home. Typically, a home’s style is either traditional or contemporary. If you have a classically-inspired or colonial-style home, then getting grilles with your new windows make a lot of sense. This decorative pattern is consistent with the symmetrical facade of colonial homes.

Bungalows, ranch-style houses and modern residential structures are better off without gridded replacement windows. Apart from being easier to clean, windows without grilles are better in preserving the beautiful light space of your home.

Keeping the Outdoor View in Mind

What many homeowners consider the main drawback of window grilles is having an obstructed view. A picture window that stretches from one corner of your living room to the other will look better without grids. On the other hand, if you want to diffuse the unfavorable view of a busy street outside, then opting for gridded windows is your best choice.

Any professional window company will advise you to keep curb appeal in the back of your mind since window grilles or grids do not necessarily serve more functional value besides aesthetics.

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