Moving on From Wood: Vinyl Windows as Replacements – Part 3: Caring for Vinyl Windows

One of the things vinyl windows are known for is how easy they are to clean and keep maintained. For many people this is the biggest reason to choose vinyl windows over wood and other window frame materials because you can’t put a price on convenience. No scraping. No staining. No painting. As long as you keep them clean and schedule regular checks, vinyl windows will pretty much be in good enough of a condition to last you for years.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows

For the most part, the occasional bout of heavy rainfall will keep vinyl windows clean. If you’ve run into a dry spell, however, or the regular rainfall in your area just isn’t enough to do the trick, you’ll have to break out your garden hose, a soft cloth or brush, and a cleaning solution. Some mild soap and water will do but feel free to use commercial cleaners if you want. Just make sure you follow usage instructions as stated.

Quick Cleaning Tips

  • Don’t use anything abrasive or harshly formulated with alcohol or ammonia.
  • If you’re looking at some mold and mildew, brew up a 30-70 mix of vinegar and water, spray on affected area, let sit for a few minutes, and rinse.
  • Don’t clean your windows when it’s hot out. The heat will dry out your cleaning solution quickly, causing streaks. If you can’t avoid cleaning your windows when the weather is hot, make sure you rinse off your windows thoroughly and quickly to avoid streaks.

Easy Maintenance Tricks

  • Keep moving parts lubricated to prevent a vinyl window from sticking.
  • It is best to lubricate parts after cleaning the window, getting rid of debris that can cause friction and impede operation.

Outside of these things, all you’ll really need is to schedule a regular inspection for vinyl windows, especially after severe weather hits your area. A routine check will let you catch problems before they worsen, making for a quicker, more affordable fix. Want to learn more about making the most out of vinyl windows? Don’t hesitate to give your local window contractor a call.

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