Moving on From Wood: Vinyl Windows as Replacements – Part 1: The Many Benefits of Vinyl

Over the years, technological advances have been made, improving vinyl as a window frame material. This has resulted in many benefits that homeowners looking for window replacements can enjoy, especially those interested in replacing their wood windows. Vinyl is an ideal alternative to wood because:

It comes in many colors and designs

Because vinyl is easily molded into different shapes, just about any design of window can be made to order with the material. Additionally, it is available in a very wide range of colors and textures — some even mimicking the look and feel of wood — giving you replacement windows exactly how you want them.

It offers value for money

One of vinyl’s best selling points is that it is affordable. But more than just offering low upfront costs, the window material provides excellent value for money given how it performs and the price tag it carries.

It requires little maintenance

Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t need a lot of upkeep to keep performing well. It is resistant to scratches so it will never need touch-ups. Pigments are also integrated into the material during the manufacturing process so you’ll never have to scrap, stain or pain a vinyl window.

It is energy-efficient

With a low U-factor rating, vinyl provides great thermal insulation, helping ensure that indoor heat stays in and outdoor heat stays out. This aids in stabilizing indoor temperature, keeping your HVAC system from overtime and helping you cut back on your electricity bill every month.

It is durable

In addition to being resistant to fire, impact, moisture, and most common household chemicals, vinyl also stands up well against the elements, exposure to ultraviolet light, and the effects of extremes of temperature, rain, wind, snow and ice. Vinyl windows can be expected to last a long time, with many still perfectly serviceable even after 25 years of use.

It is environmentally friendly

Despite being a plastic, vinyl is recyclable. This helps reduce trash in landfills from replacing windows, making it a green choice.

Vinyl windows have a lot to offer. Do these correspond with what you should be looking for in a replacement window? Head on over to Part 2 of this blog series to learn more.

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