Maximizing the Life Span of Your Windows

Since the cost of replacing windows for a typical family home can be pricy, you should be careful to follow the appropriate cleaning and maintenance instructions. Although all manufacturers have their own guidelines, some general rules apply, largely depending on the materials used to make the windows.

Maximizing the Life Span of Your Windows

Today, Kroll Construction, one of the area’s leading window and roofing companies, talks about how to prolong your windows using preventive maintenance.

Scheduling Regular Inspections

A regular cleaning schedule is important to keep your glazing at its best, but it can also help to maximize your windows’ performance. However, if you live on the coast or in other conditions where windows are more likely to be regularly covered in salt water, they may need to be cleaned once or twice a month for optimum performance and appearance. 

Frame Care

Proper maintenance and care for window frames are also important, although they tend to be overlooked. While dirt should not damage your window frames, it is recommended that you regularly clean them to ensure they always look their best.

For households in urban or coastal areas, deep cleaning of window frames four times a year tends to be optimal, although cleaning them only a couple of times a year will suffice in rural areas.

Windows with PVC require less cleaning and maintenance than wooden windows. Most of the time, you can use the same products and methods for cleaning window frames as you would for glass cleaning.

Cleaning Agent

A lot of warm, soapy water usually does the job, but you should avoid using a glass cleaner on the frames, as it is likely to be ineffective and may cause surface damage. For the same reason, kitchen and bathroom cleaners should also be avoided.

Under normal conditions, UPVC windows should not require any additional care when it comes to parts such as locks and hinges unless they are broken. In this case, you will need to contact your window and roofing company, such as Kroll Construction, for further advice.

Contrary to popular belief, window condensation does not just affect old homes with old windows but can point to a more serious problem that needs to be addressed promptly, regardless of the reason.

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